Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Beards are Not Important (And Also Why You Need to Listen to the Universe Sometimes)

I was smoking near the stage of a popular bar in Malate when I was introduced to Jt. I was with my friend Toph, who recognized Jt because they had a mutual friend. I made small talk and dropped a few lines I hoped sounded charming. We shared a cigarette. I found him attractive so I asked for his number. He had no problem giving it.

(Interesting aside. I initially thought Toph was introducing me to Jt because he thought we'd be a good match. I didn't realize he was actually hitting on Jt, and that he only introduced me because that was the polite thing to do. When I learned about it afterwards, I apologized, but Toph said he had absolutely no problem with it. He even said, now that he thought about it, that Jt and I would probably make a good couple. I still felt guilty, but that didn't stop me from going on that first date.)

I texted Jt, and we scheduled dinner the next day. I was late because I came from another party which I couldn't blow off. He said he didn't mind waiting, and raised the book he was carrying. We ended up in Kitchen in Greenbelt. I had chicken pandan, while he got tomato soup and a salad.

Here's the thing, I'm clumsy and awkward on first dates. I hate them with a passion. I tend to be too polite because I'm always afraid that I'd say something embarrassing. This, I think, makes me exceptionally boring.

Jt confessed later that he thought the exact same thing. He said he couldn't understand where that amiable person he met at the bar went. I told him that I was charming only because I was drunk, and that the best time to see my charismatic side is when I'm inebriated. Otherwise, he'd have to hang out with me more, and wait until I feel comfortable around him.

Notwithstanding the lackluster dinner, Jt asked if I wanted to have drinks. I said yes. A couple of glasses of wine later, I started to loosen up, and felt more like myself. We had a much better time, which led to several dates after the initial one.

At some point during that first date, I told Jt I've always had a thing for beards, which I found very attractive. Even the scraggly kind. Most people hate it because, when you kiss, it can be rough on the skin. I'm the exact opposite; I actually enjoy the sensation. It's like having a makeout session and a facial at the same time. Which means it's also a time-saver. What more do you want?

Anyway, a month later, I invited him to stay at my place for the weekend. We were getting serious, and I wanted to see if we can take it further.

Friday night, I picked him up at his office. I have this compulsive habit of rubbing my fingers on his chin while I'm driving just because I'm weird like that. I don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes. Jt didn't really mind, so the habit was reinforced. This time I realized something.

"You have stubble on your chin."

"Sort of. I think. Yes. I guess," he answered.

I looked at him briefly, narrowed my eyes, then stared back at the road. "Are you trying to grow a beard?"

Pause. "Yes."


"You said you find it attractive."

"Yes, but only on guys who can actually grow one. Yours is just some weird stubbly thing."

"I know. Beard-growing is not in my genes."

"Obviously. You don't need to do that. I already like you. You don't need to try too hard."

I smiled.

He smiled.

And then it hit me.

I'm in love with this guy.

My brain went into overdrive. He waited for me for almost an hour on our first date, just because he liked me. Notwithstanding our mind-numbingly boring first dinner together, he gave me a second chance. He lets me rub my fingers (which might have touched god knows what) on his chin, just because I want to. He knew he couldn't grow a beard, but he tried to anyway. For me. What more can you ask from someone?

This was it. Silver platter. Boyfriend on a plate.

I realized the universe was telling me something.

I told him I love him the Sunday after.

Photo taken here.


  1. I was really touched by this. Love is such a beautiful thing, and stories like this really reinforce how it's the little things that let you know it's there. Love it. :)

  2. Aside from client getting his car towed by the MAPSA, this entry made me smile today.

  3. Awww! This is what I like about gay dynamics, it's as fluid as that. If both like each other, they do just that, like each other. And if the universe connives, fall in love too :)

  4. One need not be a professional in order to master the art of trying silly things to impress the one he cherishes the most.

  5. This is evuhlly good. You know, the type that would make me say it's so good, it's so bad. =p

  6. I'm terrible at first dates too. I get too zealous, intense, trying to sound interesting or engaged so as not to cause the perception of boredom, or disinterest. But I realized, I shouldn't try too hard. If he likes me, he likes me. The heart cannot be coerced. Suggestive, yes, but never swayed. I'm happy for you. :)

  7. awww this is another side of FC! me likey. should i expect a follow up post?

  8. @Miss Meg: Welcome! And thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

    @rudeboy: Hahaha. Glad to make you smile.

    @firewomyn: me too!

    @guyrony: non-professionals actually do it best. :-)

    @hoykolokoy: sa wakas! kilala na kita. :-p

    @red: I realized that later. But it's one thing to understand, another thing to be able to act on it.

    @Carrie: :-)

    @narnian: at some future point, yes. :-)

  9. How sweet. Feeling ko in love na din ako kay Jt. hehe

  10. a nice story of how love starts. thanks for sharing it. :)

  11. no profound thoughts from me. no wise comments that will further inspire. Makatili na lang! Weeeeeee....

    Ka-kilig, ha!!!

    Here's to you and jt!

  12. Awesome. Sweet. Bitin.
    I'm not good at first dates as well... actually, not good in dating someone at all. Instead of having a blast, it ends up forgettable most of the time. Pathetic eh! Hey, just want to ask if Jt is younger than you are?

  13. First time lumabas ang sungki-sungki kong ngipin matapos kong basahin to.

    So Toph was right, that you and Jt make a very beautiful couple?

  14. Fc, this is a wonderful love story! By the way, what book was Jt reading?

  15. @Dudes: :-)

    @daredevilry: thanks for reading. :-)

    @sam: thank you!

    @life: will answer your question in another story. ;-)

    @kiks: we do indeed. i think. haha.

    @fc: i think it was something by ian rankin. i forgot. and thanks!

  16. eep. im soo kinikilig. very very inspiring. i wanna fall in lov again LOL or maybe NOT! study! HAHA

  17. awww. This is a story that I like. A LOT.

  18. @lex: I like it too. haha. thanks! :-)

  19. Wow.;p
    Amazingly, I also like beards. Whenever I get the chance, I touch it too.;p And like you, I do it just because I'm weird like that.

  20. @theappletizer: :-) I like the rough feeling. Welcome to my blog!

  21. This was a cute story.. :-) So kilig! :-)

  22. hey sonia! welcome back to my blog! and thanks!

  23. Aaaahhh....Love. Sana ako na rin...haysh

  24. @Hi: Hahaha. I'm sure magkakaroon ka rin.

  25. This is so sweet. I loved the moment I realized I was in love with my Boyfriend, and I got to relive those feelings through your story.
    Thank you for sharing in such a beautiful way.
    (and I love the 'eye-narrowing' bit. Hilarious!)

  26. lovin' that moment when your guy was trying to grow a beard. *kilig* haha. I'd like to hear more from you two. :)

    'til the next rubbing-the-chin moments. ;p

  27. i envy people who fall in love simply because i never did. it made me smile reading this post but at the same time made me sad because i suddenly looked at myself and realized how boring and loveless my life is but very nice post though.

  28. Cute story. :) Glad I clicked that link just because I saw the word "beard" on the post's title.



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