Thursday, August 11, 2011


Respect:  Give it to get it
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I fought with a college professor once. Which I rarely do actually since I'm usually very mild-mannered and respectful of authority, but sometimes I just can't help it. And I did have a bit of a temper when I was younger.

It started when I went to her office to try to get a copy of a short story I submitted for her class. I was trying to compile a writing portfolio, and unfortunately, my computer broke down, so I had to try to look for copies elsewhere. I set an appointment with her three times, and she failed to show up each time. The fourth and last time, she bit my head off, and told me off for being makulit (annoying). That was the last straw.

I went straight to the library and wrote a letter of pure venom, then attached it to her door. Then I stopped bugging her.

Three months later, I passed by her office on my way to meet another prof. There was a letter attached to her door with my name on it. It looked old, and it was addressed to me. I initially thought she would bite my head off. I opened the letter and read its contents. She was basically apologizing for her behavior.

She definitely earned a lot of respect from me then.

I remember something I wrote on the letter. I'm trying to remember so please forgive the inaccuracy. Anyway, it went something like this: "I understand that you are my teacher, but I've always been told that respect is something you extend to everyone, whoever he might be. Perhaps you weren't listening when they taught that. Whatever your position, it does not excuse your disrespect. I have a right to demand common courtesy from people I regard as my supposed intellectual superiors, even if they are not necessarily my moral ones."

Considering that I actually wrote something like that to her, her reply told me a lot about her character as a person. I guess my point is that people can surprise you sometimes. And not always in a bad way. :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Globe Tatt Awards

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to send out a big thank you to Globe and the judges of the first ever Globe Tatt Blog Awards for making  me and this blog a finalist under the category Wordslayer with blogging luminaries Gibbs Cadiz, Loi Reyes Landicho, Lori Baltazar and Juned Sonido. It is very much appreciated.

Anyway, there's a public voting component to the award. If you guys can just pop over to their website, look for the category Wordslayer, and vote for me (Von Bryan Cuerpo), I'd really appreciate it. Considering my competition, my chances of winning are slim, but it doesn't mean I can't give it the old college try right? :-)

So please vote!

I'm a finalist for the Globe Tatt Awards!


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