Sunday, October 31, 2010


I met fellow blogger OutedNarnian last night, which was a lot of fun. We met for dinner at Greenbelt, waited for a couple more friends, and moved to Barcino for wine and conversation.

At some point, I asked my friend Reggie if he wanted to hang out the next day (that's today).

"I can't. I'm still thinking if I want to meet this guy from the gym."

"Ah ok, that makes sense."

"Isn't the rule 'Bros before hos'?" OutedNarnian asked.

"Of course not." I added, with a small chuckle, "Friendship will always be there. Sex won't."

Nothing like wine to make us all one with the universe.

Photo taken here.


  1. " Friendship will always be there. Sex won't"

    Epic. :)

  2. Wow! I love that quote!

    @Disguise: Indeed, that's an EPIC!

  3. As living proof... it's true. Sex will not always be there - so a 'bro' whose willing to step aside for the occasional 'ho' is a true friend indeed!


  4. I agree with you! Sex can't really stay only lasts for minutes, if not, an hour.. but friendship can stay for days, months, years, and maybe, kung keri, CENTURIES! :PP

  5. It must be fun to meet up with blogger friends! No matter what you end up doing.

  6. Dear Fickle;
    I have to say I think it should be friends first always however if they are really friends they should understand about the need and place in life for "hos". I enjoyed what I have read so far and will be back so again, thank you for dropping by and I look forward to seeing you again.
    Cheers, Soundoff.

  7. that was an epic night. :-) Thanks FC!

  8. bros before hoes always! and apparently girls say "chicks before dicks" but i always think you should make your own choices. :P

  9. Perfect picture to accompany your advice.

  10. You are wise beyond your years master Fickle.

  11. Ha. I like that. I luuuuuuvvv wine. lol

  12. Bros before hos. Nice!

    But in my case, I guess it would be hos before bros?



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