Friday, November 12, 2010

Honesty, or A Conversation between Friends

“So you think I'm in love with Benjamin?”

“I don't think anything. I'm just teasing you.”

“Ok, but what do you think?”

“I don’t want to think anything. It’s your life.”

“But I’m interested to know what you think.”

“Of course not. You’re not really interested in what I think; you just want me to affirm what you believe.”

“So you think I'm that easy to read?”

“Hahaha, oh please. I've known you for years. I could read you easier than a book. Even if I met you right now, you're still transparent as hell.”

“I don't believe you.”

“Fine, here's an example. Take Anthony. You said you're glad you broke up with him but really, you were hurt that he did not pick you.”

“That's not true.”

“And I don't believe you.”

“I broke up with him because Anthony found it difficult to get along with my friends, and I felt I had to pick one over the other.”

“Well, yea, you told me that. But it doesn't really change the fact that, well maybe not 'loved', but you liked Anthony very much. And you want to exude this persona of coolness, as if people never break up with you. And fine, if you want to keep it up, it's a perfectly valid way of living your life; I'm just saying that you don't need to lie to me. Or if you do lie, you're going to have to accept the fact that, even if I don't mention it, I can tell what you're really feeling.
Plus, well, having Anthony not pick you is kind of embarrassing. Hell, having feelings for someone like Anthony is embarrassing. So I sort of get why you need to lie. I'm just saying you really can't expect me not to know the truth.”


“I hate you.”

“Hahaha. Of course not. You love me. You just can't argue with the fact that you know I'm telling the truth.”

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  1. awww. 'tis a lovely post. and on the title, guess it's both. :)

  2. These are the kinds of conversations I need right now.

  3. the blog entry i enjoyed so far... keep it up. :)

  4. Open honesty friendship there shouldn't be any other kind! Good post!

  5. This is exactly how I'm feeling right now. Even with my closest friends, I find it hard to admit that I'm hurt. My pride holds me back from saying that I feel vulnerable and wounded.
    This post made me feel so much better, like I'm not alone. Thank you so much.

  6. It is hard to share our weaknesses with even our closest friends, but they know...

    Thanks for the post, excited about the contest!
    Have a great day!

  7. :-) Yes, friends, they never listen, but they never go away. Buggers, we need them still.

  8. Friends are the best and the worst, don't you think? I guess they probably feel the same way about us as we do about them...comforting, really.

  9. Have I ever told you that you should write a novel? No? Well guess what...You should write a novel, haha. It would be a hell of a novel. Or you should make a book of all of your top posts. I'd love that =)

  10. What an awesome story. The guy is kind of full of himself though haha

  11. This is so honest and awesome and lovely. I really liked reading this :))

  12. I love friends that can read me like that. I know that they understand me.

  13. Definition of a real friend right there. You lucky guy.

  14. I need this kind of conversation and friend right now. haha.:)

  15. haha. si anthony. siya na ang bida. ahah

  16. Great post, thank you<3
    Oh, friends..

  17. A wonderful conversation. It's frightening to be so transparent to another and also, completely freeing.

    I've checked out quite a bit of your blog and I really enjoy your energy. Fantastic stuff. I'll be following.

  18. Friendship is indeed a unique interchange of energies.

  19. "You think you look pretty suave don't you."
    "Yeah, I'm super-cool."
    "Your fly is undone"
    "I know"
    "Why don't you do something about it?"
    "Because I'm frozen in time"

  20. Love your blog, and great post!! Please visit or follow my blog:)

  21. Hey guys! Thanks for all the comments, you are awesome, they really make my day.

    @talia: Working on that book actually. Hahaha. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

    @blasphemous: Too true. Hahaha.

    @Nari: They're like family. It can get complicated, especially with the really close ones. :-)

    @Ela: I think we all feel like that at some point or another. Nothing wrong with it I think.

    @anteros: Awww..

    @Pamo: Thank you. Much appreciated.

    @Jules: Hey! You just won my contest! Congrats!

  22. love this post! Thank you..


  23. great post! thank you for sharing

  24. Sweet post, I enjoyed the read...keep it going :)

  25. napadaan lang.. wow.. this is one of the nicest conversation I ever read.



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