Tuesday, July 27, 2010


"I'm glad I did it, partly because it's worth it, but mostly because I'll never have to do it again."

--Mark Twain

These past few months have been draining to say the least. Studying for the bar examinations is no joke, punctuated by moments of panic and terror at the idea that YOU ARE JUST NOT PREPARED (and this tiny voice keeps whispering, it's not because you don't work hard, it's because you're stupid). And you stamp those voices down, and you soldier on, and you make yourself believe that you are smart and capable, and that the bar is just another obstacle that you have to pass en route to your dreams.

Sometimes I imagine "if only I've been born smarter like..." but I shut that out and hope that who I am, and what I am, is more than enough for what I am aiming to achieve.

1 comment:

  1. You are one of the smartest guys on the planet (given the entire global population is in billions and the entire smart population can reach millions, even if the ratio of smart-non-smart is less than 1%).

    kaya mo yan.



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