Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Good and the Bad: The Snugg’s Executive Case Cover for the iPad 4

We recently received an invitation from The Snugg (a US- and UK-based website which sells tech accessories) to review its products.  After we took stock of the many Apple accessories we owned and realized that the iPad 4 seemed the most in need of a new case, we picked The Snugg’s Executive Case Cover in Distressed Brown Leather (also available in Amazon) as the product to review.
(I know it’s a mouthful so, moving forward, we will simply call it the “iPad Case”.)
When our iPad Case came via courier a few weeks back,  we promptly retired the not-so-old existing case of the iPad 4 (which was not bad actually and in fact came from a not-so-cheap shop in Germany) and shifted to the new iPad Case.
So, after more than two weeks of using our sponsored iPad Case, here’s what we think of it.

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  1. i'm not much into gadgets, but i woudn't mind getting an iPad this Christmas, lol!



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